The best sewing machine is one that serves you appropriately and fulfills all your stitching desires. However, with the many brands on the market with different features and price ranges, it is very easy to get perplexed when shopping for the best machine. For this reason, it has become important to consider a few key elements when searching for the right one for you:

Machine Brand

There are a few best brands you will see when shopping for a new sewing machine: Singer, Kenmore, Brother, Juki and Janome. When looking at the brand, you want a machine that is well constructed and made by the best manufacturer. You want a long lasting machine, consistent and comprehensible for all sewing levels. Thus, it is best if you first researched or asked around for the best sewing machine brand that will suit you.


Think about the kinds of tasks you will be interested in partaking and match a sewing machine that can fulfill all of them. Some come with a one-step buttonhole, some have a selection of elongate stitches, whereas others have specialty feet and others have unique quilting features. Everything is based on what kind of a machine you can handle and what you want to use it for. You can take a pal with you who knows more about sewing machines to assist you in your buying project.


Feeling comfortable with your machine’s weight, build and height will make your stitching experience much better than if you purchase one without considering the magnitude. For instance, if you wish to move your appliance from class to home, consider buying a lighter machine. Different machines have different kinds of design, thus weighing your options first and knowing the kind of design you want in a machine would be best.


Last but not least, consider the price. The truth is, quality machines are not low-priced. You may not afford an expensive machine, but either way you would not want to buy a cheap but futile sewing machine. It is important to get the best sewing machine for your cash. You can make some inquiries and have sensible expectations on how sound the machine you intend to buy will perform vs. a more costly one.

Taking a step from deciding to become a great sewer and to really purchasing the best sewing machine is a big one. However, you would feel much confidence by getting educated on sewing machines prior to taking that huge step. Pick a sewing machine prudently, and have your originality flourish.